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Marlborough Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards 2023 - Manufacturing and Construction
Aquanort Pools Honored with Business Excellence Award at the 2023 Marlborough Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards
Climate Care Certified
Aquanort Pools Achieves Climate Care Certification, Uplifting New Zealand’s Pool Industry Standards Aquanort Pools proudly announces its attainment of the esteemed Climate Care Certification, becoming the third pool company in New Zealand to accomplish this milestone. This certification, an initiative...
Marlborough Home to the Best Pool Store in New Zealand
On Friday August 12 Aquanort Pools was awarded the Best Pool Store and the Best Single Location Pool Store at the New Zealand 2022 SPASA Awards of Excellence. Held at the Grand Millennium in Auckland nearly 150 guests come together...
How to fix a green pool
It’s not a nice sight… You take a look at your pool, expecting crystal clear water to greet your eyes, but it’s green, cloudy and uninviting. So how do you clear the green without spending a fortune? Pool water turns...
Marlborough Home & Garden Show
Aquanort Pools will be attending the Marlborough Home & Garden Show 9th – 11th July. Come along and see us at Stand number: 169 Show special on Compass Pools – 50% off Vantage Self-cleaning floor and steps on all Compass Pool orders placed in the month of July.
BioGuard’s 3-Step Pool Winter Maintenance Program
Save yourself from costly problems, by maintaining your pool this winter. BioGuard’s simple 3-step maintenance program will keep your balanced pool sparkling all through winter, and save you from any nasty surprises come summer.
Creating and landscaping stunning swimming pools in the Top of the South
Anyone flying in or out of Blenheim will quickly become aware of particular features from the air. The rows of grape vines striping almost every block of land in the Wairau Valley is perhaps the most obvious, but sparkling between the rooftops of Marlborough’s major town is a dense scattering of sapphires. Or at least, that is how the town’s many swimming pools appear from above.
Let’s get ready for summer!
Bring a water test into the shop to make sure your pool water is balanced and ready for use come summer. Check you pump/filtration/cleaning equipment to make sure it’s all in good working order if you are not sure about...
Garden Marlborough Workshop
Perhaps you’re actively considering building a pool. Maybe you’re dreaming of one day building a pool. Or you might be a current pool owner considering improvements, or wanting to keep up with the latest in pool technology and design. Whatever your interest Tom Norton and Louise Dunning have it covered.