Let’s get ready for summer!

    1. Bring a water test into the shop to make sure your pool water is balanced and ready for use come summer.
    2. Check you pump/filtration/cleaning equipment to make sure it’s all in good working order if you are not sure about this get in touch.
    3. As the weather warms up you want to increase your filtration time. We recommend a minimum of at least 8 hours per day of filtration in the “Summer” season (anywhere from mid-October onwards). It doesn’t hurt to get this going earlier or ramping it up from now on.
    4. We recommend now (Late September/Early October) is a good time to top up your swimming pool with Optimiser/Convert for the summer season. There are multiple benefits including sparkly clear water, softer water, helps supress algae growth, enhanced sanitiser efficiency and improved performance of all Bioguard products and greater control of water balance. Talk to us for more information.
    5. If your pool cover has been left on over winter now is the time to pull it back and let your pool breath. If a green pool is looking back at you, bring a water sample in and we can give you a step by step guide to reclaim your pool!
    6. If you have a heating source such as a heat pump or solar heating these can be turned on early to mid-October to help increase the pool temperature depending on when you want to start swimming.