Aquanort is now Climate care Certified
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We are proud to be Climate Care Certified

Pool Constructed by Aquanort Pools in Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand

Aquanort Pools uses a range of Climate Care Certified products including

  • Pool Cover: thermal, slat or solar pool covers (essential) with the option of a water tank for additional water saving
  • Energy efficient pool pumps / variable speed pool pumps
  • Backwash minimisation systems / pre-filtration devices
  • Filtration
  • Cartridge Filters or filters using glass media
  • Smart meter or approved controllers, chlorinators, or self-dosing kits
  • Efficient Plumbing: 50mm hydraulic efficient plumbing including the Waterco 50mm Sweep Elbows
  • Robotic Cleaners
  • LED Pool Lighting
  • Solar Heating
  • Other inclusions used to satisfy the necessary criteria includes: Noise reduction measures in place (i.e. acoustic boxes / plant room), 30mm coping overhang (to reduce splash out), Landscaping measures to minimise exposure to evaporate wind. Use of any SPASA Climate Care Certified product or service
We can create a Climate Care Certified Pool by including seven criteria* in the pool build. * based on pools over 40,000L

The Climate Care Certified package offered by Aquanort Pools has met the stringent requirements of the Climate Care Certified Program.

In September 2023 Aquanort Pools became Climate Care Certified, the first pool company in the South Island to have done so!

This was an important part of our sustainability strategy. We have reviewed our current sustainability position, including calculating our carbon footprint, looking for ways to reduce this and our impact on the environment. We have ambitious sustainability goals to work towards as a company. Implementing energy and waste reduction plans, offsetting our carbon usage through native planting, renewable power (solar) and transitions to hybrid vehicles. We have been talking with our key suppliers around the their environmental policies and practices to support change across the wider pool industry.

MultiCyclone & Opal Dual Stage FiltrationMultiCyclone & Opal Dual Stage Filtration
Micro ECO Filter with Glass Pearls Filter MediaMicro ECO Filter with Glass Pearls Filter Media
Hydrostrom ECOV Variable Speed PumpHydrostrom ECOV Variable Speed Pump
Electrochlor Mineral ChlorinatorElectrochlor Mineral Chlorinator
Dolphin Robotic CleanerDolphin Robotic Cleaner
Concrete Pool Build form Aquanort Pools in Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand