NAKED Fresh Water Pool Systems

We’re all about fresh water, pure and simple.

Naked Water - swimming as nature intended.

With the world’s best quality water on tap, New Zealander’s appreciate the benefits of fresh water. Yet when it comes to our nation’s favourite pastime, we’ve all accepted that chlorine and saltwater were the natural order of things.

Not anymore.

A breakthrough new system by Naked Pools can safely and effortlessly purify your pool water without the need for chlorine, salt or added minerals.

The benefits are crystal clear

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Different to traditional pool and spa systems that rely on high levels chlorine to sanitise the pool water, the Naked System utilises nature’s natural minerals such as copper and silver.

Algae cannot grow in a copper environment, while silver has purifying qualities, and these minerals remain in the pool to constantly sanitise the water.

With extremely low amounts of salt and minerals present, the water in a Naked Pool has a soft and rejuvenating feel, best described as swimming in a fresh water stream.

And there is no need to shower or rinse swimwear after use!