Free State of the Art Water Testing with Bioguard

Maintaining perfectly balanced water is a crucial part of pool and spa maintenance.

Aquanort Pools offer complimentary water testing with Bioguard state of the art computerised BioLab. From a water sample, the system conducts a comprehensive analysis of the current condition of the pool or spa water and what needs to be done to correct any imbalances and ongoing maintenance treatments.

This is one of the most efficient water testing systems in the world, and the only one in Marlborough! It analyses exactly what it is in the water and what it needs to be balanced. Our customers receive a printout that includes a full water treatment formula, or recipe. It takes the guesswork out of chemical treatments.

Bring a water sample in now to ensure that you have a sparkling, healthy and comfortable swim every time. It only takes 5 minutes! Or you can simply drop your sample in on your way to work and pop back on your way home to collect your report and any chemicals that the analysis recommends, or we can email your results through to you. The report will also indicate weekly and monthly maintenance procedures to help maintain perfectly balanced water, ensuring a quality swim every time!

We recommend monthly water testing to maintain perfectly balanced healthy water 24-7-365!